We have an installed capacity of around 150 Thousands garments per month and gradually increasing to 200 thousand garments from 2017. We have a plan to focus on value added product range comprising of fashion silhouettes and finishes/washes. Our main facility is having cut to pack facility while we have our knitting machines installed in other premises. Below is the brief detail of our machinery.

By location, our facility is located in the main Quaid-e-Azam industrial estate, which is almost heart of the Lahore, city. For details please check contact us. This gives us a proximity edge to  various commercial subcontractors, service providers and an easy access for the labor transportation. We have a complete energy back up in the form of Electricity Generator so that operational routine remains uninterrupted to achieve daily production targets.

Work Environment:

As a responsible entity, SHZ also provides a congenial & supporting environment for all workers and staff members. We encourage mutual cooperation, respect and team work at every level. We feel pride to have employee participation, training and measures to retain them so they consider themselves a stakeholder.