In today’s competitive world where price, quality and on-time delivery are embedded features, now clients need an extra customized service level. Thus we have designed our organizational structure on below key functions for better customer services. We are continuously working to improve our service level.

Marketing and Product development Department:

Our marketing and product development department is comprised of team of Marketing head, expert product developers and sampling team. They are led by one of the Company Director and also take part actively in various fashion shows in the world. Their focus is to keep an eye on the latest fashion trends, translate them into product development, create a business opportunity and then ensure customer service. Please also review our product gallery. They also take care of capacity booking chart in liaison with merchandising team.

Merchandising Department:

This department is run by an experienced team headed by Merchandising Manager. Once orders are finalized then merchandising team is primarily responsible to look after all merchandising details in liaison with customers and disseminate information within the company’s various departments from raw material procurement to logistics. They also update customers with pre-production and production time line, production status and delivery schedule on the prescribed formats.

Quality Assurance Department

Quality assurance is an attitude from product concept till logistic of bulk shipment. We have implemented strong Quality assurance and control procedure from the product development level and at later stages of production including raw material quality and machine maintenance as well. In order to perform this function we have team in different departments. Our quality level also serves as word of mouth for our marketing.

Logistics Department:

Logistic department at SHZ Textiles is of key importance to cross finishing line. As per our shipping status and approval of QC inspection, our logistic team develops a liaison among factory, freight forwarder and buyer to ensure systematic transportation of goods from ex-works to port.  We handle all kind of incoterms like FOB, C&F, CIF and LDP with the support of our key partners.